Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013

Happy Halloween!

How to create sugar skull makeup:
  1. Apply the white makeup to your face. Layer it on until you get the desired look.
  2. Create circles around your eyes to mimic the hollows of a eye sockets with a black eyeliner pencil. Use black eyeshadow to go over it to keep it from wearing off or creasing. Follow the structure of your face to make your sugar skulls realistic as possible.
  3. Do the same to the tip of your nose to create the look of hollowness. Make sure you finish the nose with matte black eyeshadow so the 'hole' appears deeper.
  4. Follow the structure of your face highlight your cheekbones to create the hollows of your cheeks.
  5. Now comes the fun part. Use your black liquid eyeliner to create the details of your creation. Like a true sugar skull, create intricate details on your face. You can try flowers, spiderwebs and lace details. For the most part, just remember that with practice and time you will be able to create a truly symmetrical look which is the standard to sugar skull makeup.
  6. Create the look of teeth over your lips by drawing thin black lines over them with your black eyeliner pencil. You can also use liquid eyeliner for this to create a deeper less matte look.
  7. Once your done creating the designs on your face and coloring them in apply mascara to your lashes along with false eyelashes.
  8. To create a more intricate look add rhinestones, glitter and sequins to highlight the patterns that you have created on your face. Add some flowers to your hair, preferably roses and your sugar skull makeup is done.

    VIDEO from MissJessicaHarlow :

    A different video that I really

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