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I'm just brimming with rage.
Happiness is something which many aspire but never reach it.  

Why ?
Because there is no such thing as luck!

Either they do it out on their own or they will be disappointed . Someone has invented to encourage people to move on. Baseless I think!

Never trust to luck . Only on yourself

People never really change .
Things never really change .
(This is a fact in my opinion!)

a cat can dress up as a dog and still remains a cat. As much as they tried , they will never be a dog.

Really cute, as always, everyone is talking about changes .
Changes require things that are not available to all humans.
Tell that to a child in Somalia, who lives on the street , "you can change that. " YES , SURE ... In which world ? The iron will is not nearly enough . Who claimed that never really had a hard life .

I mean , come on .... all self made millionaires had something more to offer than just the will alone. I think you know what I mean .... We live in a world where nothing goes without money and a few contacts. Or let's say hardly anything .

So stops the warlike and motivating sayings
 "If you really want to, you can do anything"
I can not, only because I want it!

...has it already worked at somebody?? ....because I wanted something, it has happened?
That borders on magic. And not everyone can do magic! Unfortunately, I must say!

the world is full of magic...
 if we know how to look. 

...I believe in magic....

but I belong to those which are not able to do magic....

where we would be again with the subject.

A circulation....

and the morality of the history....
.....circulations are stupid. :P :D

Maybe there is something true in it...

"dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them"
(Walt Disney)
but the courage is the last step of a long way 
of a lot of time, tears, nerves, sweat, and last but not least also money.

But the thought of nice!
Are we not everybody a little Disney?

How much Disney is in you?


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